What is “The Mysticist”?

The Mysticist is a novel by Mike E.G. published by FreemadeSF on April 29, 2014.

But it’s also more than a novel. The Mysticist includes an album of original music, called Beating the Drum of the Deathless, “written” by two characters in the novel (in reality, of course, entirely written and recorded by Mike E.G. himself).

Mysticist; Or A Dissapative Structure, The - Mike E.G_The Mysticist is a cyberpunk coming of age tale—what might have happened if Philip K. Dick wrote On The Road and set it in the year 2054.

In The Mysticist, America is now AmeriCorp. Private border guards patrol the boundaries of most major cities, where the rich stockpile scarce resources while the poor are being shipped off to work camps in the Arctic or conscripted into colonial missions to Mars. Rumors abound that autonomous communities called “freeholds” are popping up beyond the frayed edges of civilization.

One brutally hot summer, Niirs Tla and his Companions set out on a journey by bike across drought-ravaged Texas. Most of the Companions are in search of nothing more than good times, but Niirs is on the run. Pursued by nightmarish creatures, alien visitors, and a shape-shifting cop, Niirs soon realizes that he cannot simply run away—he needs somewhere to run to.

In the book, Niirs and one of the Companions, Quyn, spend a night working on an album they call Beating the Drum of the Deathless, and they release it under the band name The Inspired Idiots. Mike E.G. wrote and recorded 13 original songs and released them as that album. Each chapter of The Mysticist shares a title with one of the songs, and that song is intended to help set the scene via its incorporation into the interactive ebook version, which Mike E.G. considers the true version of the work.

Download the FREE interactive PDF (you’ll need Adobe Reader to view it, but it’s a free download here). This is for a limited time only!

But of course, there’s no wrong way to read The Mysticist. You can get the book as a paperback and download the album to listen to while you read. If you don’t want the music but you want an ebook, you can get it for Kindle, get it for Google Books, or download this .EPUB or this .MOBI (free for a limited time!) and read it on any device you could want to read it on.

Hell, you don’t even have to read the book. You can stream or download Beating the Drum of the Deathless by itself right here: